Specialty & Private Classes

Tricks and Games:  A fun-filled  class for people who want to teach their dogs some cool tricks to have fun with our dogs and to show off to friends and neighbours .  Games are a big part of the class as well. Once dogs are trained, we can have some fun in little competitive and non-competitive games to build our skills as well as building our relationship.

GAMES could include:  Tic Tac Dog,  Musical Mats, Leap Dog, Relay Races, Egg on a spoon etc., etc.

TRICKS could include: Wave, Weave, Shake Paw, Bang, Play Dead, Roll Over etc., etc.

6 Weeks:  Prerequisite: Beginners Obedience or equivalent. Dogs must be dog friendly.


  McQueen Demos the "Place" command 

Household  Manners:   A class developed by us to help owners struggling with dogs who are misbehaving  in the home.  The specific concerns and issues of those enrolled in the class make up the curriculum. We start with lots of leadership information so we can ensure a good foundation to begin dealing with any issue you are having.  This class is tailored to the individual needs of the students in it.

Issues could include: Counter surfing, Stealing items, Begging, Door barging, not Coming when called, Barking at doors or windows,  just plain bratty or problematic behaviour etc. 

8 Weeks: Prerequisite: Beginners Obedience or equivalent.            

Fun with Rally/Advanced Obedience:   Come out for some fun while learning some advanced Obedience skills and Rally games without the pressure of competition in this fast paced course. This is great way to keep you and your dog building a bonding relationship in a non-competitive environment while learning new and fun abilities.  

8 Weeks: Prerequisite:  Pre-Novice Obedience or Previous Agility

Private - One on One Sessions:   For those dogs who are unable to participate in group sessions (either for aggression, extreme fear, over excitability) or for individuals who prefer one on one training (perhaps you just have one concern you need help with).  Private sessions are available for behaviour problems or tailored assistance.  Contact us for information on available times and dates.

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