Teaching your dog the Basics of Obedience is more than training tricks.  It is building a working relationship with your dog making you more worthy of listening to when you ask your dog to stop barking or leave the garbage etc.  It makes everyday life with your dog more enjoyable.

“Pup-Ease” Preschool:   A SOCIALIZATION class for puppies between the ages of 12 and 16 weeks.  Emphasis is on safe, social skills amongst puppies and the other handlers (including children).  Coming when called is a focus as well as Sit, Down, Stand (both verbal and hand signals). Loose lead walking and Off lead Heeling are started.  Behaviour issues such as mouthing, jumping, digging, barking, housebreaking etc. are all addressed. For your pup’s safety, our facility is totally disinfected prior to the puppy classes each and every week to create a safe environment and still deal with these critical social weeks of your pup's young life in a safe, controlled environment.      

 5 Weeks

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Beginners (Basic Obedience I )  A Beginners Course for dogs 16 weeks and beyond.  In this class, we focus on all the Obedience Basics: Heeling, Pulling on lead, Sit, Down and Stand Stays, Leave it, Coming when called, Place, etc.   A solid foundation is set for further obedience skills.  Common problem behaviours as well as a question and answer period are included in course outline.                                                                                                                                                                                     10 Weeks


            Tanzy, Barrick and Rigby get in some practise Heeling

"Hey guys...follow me, I'll show you how this heeling thing is done!"

Pre-Novice (Obedience II )  For dogs who have completed the Beginners Obedience course or equivalent. The basics are expanded upon with greater distractions in heeling and stays. Control is now expanded to off lead work using a gradual progression method. Interesting new commands or variances of older commands and exercises are introduced to continue to challenge your dog.  With more control we can now begin to dabble with training games in this level.                                      

 10 Weeks

DSC 0104.jpg

Novice (Obedience III )   For dogs who have completed the Pre-Novice or equivalent level.  For owners who would like to compete in CKC obedience trials at the C.D. level or for owners who want that “show off” dog skill level.                            

  10 Weeks

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